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Our winterization efforts are among the most comprehensive in the area to prepare your boat for storage in the off season. Our certified technicians check your boat and engine for open service bulletins, run the engine(s) to temperature, change oil & oil filter, drain raw water from engine cooling system and flush with non-toxic antifreeze, clean raw water strainer, stabilize fuel and test your batteries. Of course, not all boats are created equal so we customize our process to your boat to make sure all systems needs are met.


Prepare your boat for launch. Our experts hook up batteries, confirm your engine starts, ensure your motor purrs and check for any leaks. We perform a courtesy inspection of your boat lights and horn and make sure your boat is ready to hit the water. For boats with ballast systems, we run them through a complete fill and empty cycle to ensure that everything is working properly and that fill and empty times are accurate. We typically change raw water impellers and ballast pump impellers in the Spring as well.


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