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All Prices are estimates and will vary from boat to boat depending on the engine, oil capacity, etc. and does not includes sales tax.

Service calls are billed at $85.00 per hour (1-hour minimum) - A service call is defined as the travel time involved in servicing your boat. New owners of Regal, MasterCraft, Godfrey Pontoon, Barletta Pontoon, or Hurricane boats who purchased from American Water Sports will not be charged a service fee during the first year of ownership No Service call fee at Port of Kimberling Marina. If a pick-up and delivery is necessary, that will still be charged accordingly

Pick-up and delivery, haul-out, and trailer transport fees will apply on boats requiring these services.

Any winterization scheduled for completion after November 1st, the service call fee will be billed at $169 per hour per technician. This is because we may not be able to schedule multiple winterizations in the same area after November 1st

After winterizing is completed, we will leave the boat as we found it (i.e. if battery charger is on/off, we will leave it on/off, cover is on/off, cover poles installed/not installed). American Water sports is not responsible for dead or low batteries in the spring

Includes running engine to temperature, drain raw water from engine cooling system flush engine with non-toxic antifreeze, stabilize fuel, drain water from bilge where possible, tag steering wheel & lift/trailer with winterize tag.

Includes checking your boat and engine for open service bulletins, running engine to temperature, change the engine oil & oil filter, drain the raw water from engine cooling system and flush with non-toxic antifreeze, clean the raw water strainer, add stabilize to the fuel, test batteries, tag the steering wheel & lift/trailer with a winterize tag. Boats on trailers will have the drain plug removed to prevent the collection of water in the bilge. Boats on lifts will have the bilge drained where possible

- Please select which additional services you would like to be performed with your engine winterization

Let us know when to get your boat ready in the spring and no need to schedule it later. Spring readiness includes; de-winterizing your boat, running the engine to temperature, running your ballast system and testing your batteries to ensure that your boat is ready for the season. An estimate for authorization will be provided prior to Spring Readiness with recommended services.

When do you want it winterized?Actual date will vary as we try to schedule multiple services in the same areas of the lake, services requiring haul out must be scheduled prior to October 15th

To help protect from freezing, it is recommended to schedule winterization before November 1st. agreements are on a first come first served basis and we take no responsibility for your boat until it has been winterized by our technicians. Please ensure that waste holding tanks are empty and fuel tanks should be 90-95% full of ethanol free fuel. All freezable items (alcohol, food, drink, etc) must be removed by customer unless requested on this form (additional fees may apply). Excessive removal of customer items to gain access to areas necessary to winterize your boat may result in additional fees.